[PRE-ORDER] Malum In Se - Paperback

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[PRE-ORDER] Malum In Se - Paperback

21 poems of grotesque, vile, and profane descriptions of depraved acts of humans. The residents of this book are serial killers, sexually depraved clergymen, crime scene cleanup technicians, first responders, racist murders, mass shooters, as well as a slew of other psychotic and unhinged individuals.

Trade Paperback: The softcover features durable perfect binding and a flexible, high-gloss laminated cover. All books are printed in premium black and white 50# White Uncoated Text Paper (75 GSM) archival quality and acid-free paper

Featuring front and back cover art by Muhamed Syadat Baihaqi [Instagram: @blasphemy_ink] and internal art by Luis Perez-Banus [Instagram: @perezbanus].

This is a PRE-ORDER with the book set to be released in late October of 2022.

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